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Stratify App – The only Strategy iPad App for Business you ever need to Dynamically Plan your Business Strategy.

Successful consultants are known to possess several skills which are honed through years of practice. Although  these skills are mostly related to quick and organized thinking and adaptability to different business scenarios. This is where Stratify App for iPad comes to the limelight. With stratify app any consultant can hone the skills of a experienced top management consultant by visually strategizing standard business model in the palm of their hands. Stratify App for iPad makes devising strategy for different business models very simple weather it may be visually representing a BCG matrix or a performance group matrix.  

Stratify iPad App for Business helps consultants plan their entire business priority on a single screen using the famous 2×2 matrix. 2X2 matrix is a tool that is used to help segreagate thoughts and simplify insights and findings in the spectrum.

iPad App for Business

iPad App for Business – Stratify App

Stratify iPad App for Business helps you visually calibrate your insights in several ways.

1) Prioritise Targets

2) Form an Action Plan

3) Map out a Universe and Make Sense of the Puzzle

4) Provide a Structure for a Conversation

iPad App for Business Consultants

iPad App for Business Consultants