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StratifyApp – The Famous 2×2 Matrix Decision-Making Tool for iPad

StratifyApp – The famous 2×2 Matrix Decision-Making Tool for iPad allows Consultants, Strategy Directors to Simplify Strategy Planning on iPad.

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Stratify App – The Consulting Toolkit for every Business Strategist.

Stratify – The Famous 2×2 Matrix App is a consulting toolkit designed for consultants, strategy directors, business planners and managers, this easy to use decision-making tool allows anyone to create any kind of 2×2 matrix to help with business planning.

Stratify App is the only Essential Productivity App For Consultants which is Ideal for use in workshops instead of writing on a whiteboard and copying everything or taking a photo. Charts are saved to the app and easily exported as required.

2x2 Matrix Decision-Making Tool for iPad

Stratify App – The Essential Productivity Apps For Consultants

Stratify App – The famous 2×2 Matrix Decision-Making Tool for iPad is a multi-purpose 2×2 matrix tool designed to assist decision-making, consensus management and prioritization of activities. Whether using the BCG matrix for portfolio management, or the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritizing actions, or many other models for Employee management, risk assessment, customer segmentation, business strategy or almost anything, with Stratify your planning is more dynamic and engaging. Stratify provides a classic four blocker that can be edited and adopted to suit your needs. You can change the axis names, define the blocks or quadrants, and add and place bubbles of varying sizes and colours in the matrix. Depending how you design the matrix, the bubbles can be ideas, projects, employees, categories, products, business units etc. Capture details in the comments and just export the report – Business planning has never been easier!

Some common applications of Stratify are – Portfolio management, BCG Matrix, Eisenhower Matrix, Performance Groups Matrix, Kraljic, Risk assessments, Customer & Supplier segmentation, Leadership Matrix etc.

Stratify App for Consultants

Stratify App – 2×2 Matrix Decision-Making Tool for iPad is an all in one App for consultants to create business matrix, strategy matrix and decision matrix on the go. Altough there are several ipad apps for businesses but Stratify App is designed specially for Strategic Planning with the core focus on 2×2 matrix templates available in the app.